Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


beacon-of-hope-lighthouseOUR VISION

To Be A Beacon of Hope

To be a beacon of hope to
individuals, families, the
community and the world;
through worship, discipleship,
evangelism, fellowship 
and missions.
OUR MISSIONglobal-mission2


Building Hope
Building Relationships and
Changing Lives
7be42a_cc1ea1ce652442158966e5da2fcc97admv2-jpg_256OUR GOALS

Change and 

1. People become like Jesus
2. The Congregation acts
more like the body of Christ
3. The Community reflects
more the Kingdom of God

Our Motto: 
“We’re all in this together, being the church God has called us to be.”
Scriptural Foundation: Ephesians 4:11-16