Our Values & Beliefs

Our Values and Beliefs:

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready To give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason For the hope that is in you with fear and meekness.”
1 Peter 5:15

Bethel Baptist Church is a Christian church that practices its worship of God and faith in accordance with the teaching and traditions of the historic Baptist faith tradition. The church is both a living organism and an organization. The church is most importantly the people of God called out and set apart by God to worship and witness for God as a community of faith in the local community and the world.

The following is a summary of our church core values, goals, and key doctrines that serve as the theological grounding and foundation for understanding the nature, vision, mission, and ministry of Bethel Baptist Church. These doctrines aid in shaping our individual and corporate world-view; establish personal, family, and corporate values; and guide in the determination of lifestyle choices, decisions, and behaviors.

Our Core Values:

1. God Exalting Worship

2. Purposeful and Powerful Prayer

3. Discipleship and Christian Education for Spiritual Growth and Development

4. Fellowship and Ministry to Strengthen Our Sense of Christian Family and Community

5. Evangelism, Missions, and Outreach to Provide A Godly Presence and Witness To The Community and The World

Our Goal Is To Be A Transformational Church Where:

1. People Become Like Jesus

2. Church Acts Like The Body of Christ

3. Community Reflects More The Kingdom of God

For further reading and understanding of the beliefs of Christians, Baptist beliefs, and the Baptist Church, the following resources are recommended:

1. The Baptist Articles of Faith

2. A Remedy for Itching Ears by Dr. Jesse T. Williams, Jr.

3. Baptist Beliefs by E. Y. Mullins

4. A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice, revised edition by Norman H. Maring and Winthrop S. Hudson